Virtual Caregiving/Telehealth Program

Keeping clients healthy at home is the goal. With our Virtual Caregiving through Telehealth Program, clients are provided with additional support. Our Virtual Caregiving Services extend beyond the time caregivers can be at your home. We continuously care for your loved one's well-being even when no caregiver is physically present.

How Do We Make This Possible?
  • We assign live 24/7 support by our Remote Care Coordinators who are trained to be our care recipients’ friends and monitor health conditions.
  • We identify falls, wandering, and other safety concerns.
  • We provide timely interventions if anything outside the norm occurs and notify families or emergency call centers.
  • We prevent costly hospital readmission that may be avoidable through monitored care.
  • We bridge External Care Services by coordinating transport and helping replenish other needed supplies when necessary.
  • We address psychosocial needs through our Remote Care Coordinator who brings in additional support for isolated seniors and creates meaningful connections.