In-Home/ Virtual Caregiving Services

"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do but how much love we put in that action"

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals — Home Care Aides, Home Health Aides and Certified Nurse Assistants.

Care America HomeCARE Services is a home care provider that started in South San Francisco, California that offers assistance to individuals with daily living and companionship. Our team of dedicated and compassionate professionals are comprised of Home Care Aides, Home Health Aides and Certified Nurse Assistants.

Care America HomeCARE Services provides decision-making guidance to the families by sharing the knowledge and skills we acquired in the fifteen years of working in elderly care.

What We do

Care America HomeCARE Services to be a provider of choice for many home and community based services by creating a resourceful and innovative environment through Continuous Performance Improvement.

Care America HomeCARE Services provides a full-time, long and short term home health nursing care throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide a full range of In-Home and Private Duty Home Health Care, tailor-fit to individual needs.

Care America HomeCARE Services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call anytime and speak to someone who can assist you immediately.

Why Choose Us

The genuine health and well- being of others is our greatest concern. We vow to provide first-class personal service for our clients so they may enjoy warmth, independence and comfort in their own home.

Care America HomeCARE Services believes that understanding the needs and careful planning are the key to meeting our patient’s health and well-being.

Prior to rendering any services, a care manager will come to the patient to prepare a Plan of Care. This is our opportunity to understand their needs, put them at ease and eliminate undue stress and aggravation. The interactions are carefully documented and translated as instructions to caregivers. We are committed to provide only the skilled compassionate caregivers.

This visit is completely FREE of CHARGE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Health Aide Care Program in South San Francisco, California

  • What Are The Rules On Caregiver Meal Breaks?

    Caregivers must be allowed to eat their meals not more than 30 minutes whenever practical at least after working five(5) hours.

  • Only “Light” housekeeping tasks. Cleaning the bed room of the client, bathroom of the client, dusting furniture, wiping counter tops, dishwasher, trash disposal, taking out trash, washing clothes, folding clothes and putting them away, watering the plants on idle hours, sweeping the floor.

    Under the law on personal attendants, housekeeping duties of caregivers are limited to 20% of the scheduled working time.

  • Caregivers are not housekeepers. Their main responsibility is the care of the client. Light housekeeping are merely incidental to their duties as caregivers. They shouldn’t be suffering to do housekeeping chores when they are done with all the caring routine for the client. Other activities are encouraged during idle time like sorting the mail, reading for the client, doing activities with the client. Heavy housekeeping like washing the windows, getting down on their knees to scrub the carpet or floor is not included. Cleaning the garage or washing the clients car are not normal tasks of caregivers.

  • When the client or family wants prefers that the caregiver drive the clients vehicle, the client or representative should sign a “Client Transport Waiver” form wherein the client certifies that he/she is allowing the caregiver to drive their car, that the car is properly insured and that the client will include the caregiver's name in the vehicle insurance as an authorized driver. The client will not be charged mileage reimbursement when their vehicle is used by the caregiver for trips on behalf of the client.